We believe our people are our greatest asset and we constantly look for opportunities to recognise their success. And there is no substitute for hard work, strong relationships and the power of collective thinking. Our daily actions support the vision with honest, integrity and in a manner that minimises impacts on the environment to ensure sustainable growth for our group, our brands and absolute satisfaction for our customer.
Our actions directly affect others’ experience, no matter if you are a customer in our outlets, our franchisees / business partners or suppliers. That’s why we behave according to our values & work ethics, and have trainings to guide us in daily affairs. At ST Group, we pride in our values, our food and services. And we always push our boundaries to give just a little more to make things better.
We give way but never give in. But at the same time, we respect. Respecting our customers / audience, and delivering a personalised solution to them as an individual.

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“Absolute Growth”, we are not only focusing on the growth of the business. We also pay close attention to individual development of our employees.
We believe providing our employees appropriate, quality and on-going training and support is an strategic way to help the group grow.
Quoted from Jack Ma, “We don’t hire the best people, we train them to the best people. We hire and keep good employees, because we believe people a company’s greatest asset.
We also acknowledge our hard working staff with rewards and benefits programmes, that our employees are always be motivated to strive for excellence. We believe this help us building a more efficient, effective and highly motivated team, which enhances our company’s competitive position and improves employee morale.


We believe appropriate rewards and benefits for our employees who worth acknowledge can motive them, as well as colleagues around he / she to strive for excellence. There for rewards programs are put in place in different levels, from the managing level to outlets level.
- Staff meal, gift cards, bonus, uniform provided, skills development and training.
We also believe positive relationship among colleagues and different level can help the group work more efficiently and effectively. Therefore we hold recreation activities from time to time to provide team building among the group.
- ST Group annual dinner
- Team building activities

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We seek opportunities to expend our network, and we always welcome anyone who shares the same passion and value with us.
You don’t have to be the best of the best, but if you have passions in what you doing, a can-do attitude and willing to go that extra mile, by all means, join us now!
In our headquarters, we invites individuals who are interested to take up the following position:
- Accounting & Finance
- Administration & Office Support
- Factory & Production
- Human Resources
- Marketing & Communications
- Operations
- Warehousing