1I have a Master Brand and wish to grow my presence across Australia. What are the steps involved in proposing a new brand to ST GROUP?
We have a robust and detailed process designed to attract and grow great brands. We do this by ensuring the brands that come under our management and protection compliment our group’s vision and are able to be supported by our operations and resources. To speak with our Business Manager, please contact us at
2What can I expect when working with ST GROUP?
Here at ST GROUP we are committed to mutual growth. To this effect, our established processes look for compatible brands that can be supported by our rich ecosystem to drive value and deliver favourable commercial outcomes. We believe that our people sit at the core of our success and we nurture, and develop our people accordingly to ensure ST GROUP remains a dynamic and fulfilling place to work. The culture of commitment to growth developed within our ecosystem delivers a peace of mind frequently felt by our branding partners.