Be your own boss and choose from a range of franchise brands under our care. ST GROUP brings over two decades of industry experience combined with powerful networks and rich resources designed to drive growth and success. Supported by senior members of the group, current franchisees understand our commitment and willingness to see their business achieve levels of success otherwise unattainable through other models. Take a moment to look through the simple stages and FAQs to understand the process and benefits of owning a franchise.

The Franchisee Process

Should you be interested in owning a franchisee business of any of our brands, send an enquiry to info@stgroup.net.au. In return you will receive an information pack of specific brand, containing a FAQ and franchise application form that will have to be completed. The franchise application form is non-binding as it functions to let us understand what you seek from the brand and try to tailor-fit opportunities to your needs.
A meeting will be organized for us to meet, naturally to know you better and for you to understand what we are all about! It would be a chance for us to answer any queries or lay down any concerns you may have. Before proceeding further, there will be a process to determine if we are a good fit with one another.
We will then review on business plan and financial model. At the same time, we will provide a copy of Expression of Interest (EOI) form for your to complete.
Completed EOI to be returned to us with deposit paid. If it happens that the agreement falls through, you will have your deposit back, so there nothing you should be worry about.
After meeting the franchisee selection criteria, we will begin talks about prospective sites. Some location options will be provided to you for consideration, depending on availability and suitability of a site. If you have a location in mind and are confident about its potential, feel free to share.
Lease negotiations will be initiated; agreements will be signed; a deposit will be paid. Once a Franchisee reviews all agreements and commits to them, we at PappaRich Australia commit to the Franchisee. From this point forward, all relevant parties will work hand-in-hand to open a new and exciting outlet! The project management team will handle the nitty-gritties, so sit back and enjoy the process.
An intensive training course will be provided for at least one month prior to outlet opening. The training will equip you and your team with all necessary skills and knowledge to be able to operate the outlet efficiently and effectively.
In due time when all components of the project come together, congratulations. The outlet will begin trading and you are officially running your own outlet. However, no worries as we will be there to provide necessary support and will continue to do so to ensure high standards are met, the business is operated proficiently, and most importantly consistent customer dining experience.

Franchisee FAQs

The process in becoming a franchisee to one of our brands can vary by state to specific locations and ownership however the standard process from signing of contract trough to store opening averages approximately 4 months.
The costs associated in becoming a franchisee to one of our brands can vary by state to specific locations and the business brand. To better understand the costs specific to you, please contact us.
We have a robust and detailed process designed to attract and grow great brands. We do this by ensuring the brands that come under our management and protection compliment our group’s vision and are able to be supported by our operations and resources. To speak with our Business Manager, please contact us at info@stgroup.net.au
Here at ST GROUP we are committed to mutual growth. To this effect, our established processes look for compatible brands that can be supported by our rich ecosystem to drive value and deliver favourable commercial outcomes. We believe that our people sit at the core of our success and we nurture, and develop our people accordingly to ensure ST GROUP remains a dynamic and fulfilling place to work. The culture of commitment to growth developed within our ecosystem delivers a peace of mind frequently felt by our branding partners.

Every brand under the ST Group is unique, so please do not hesitate to drop us an enquiry if you want to learn more about any of our brands! We are a ever-growing company that always welcome any qualified people to share their journey with us. We continue to seek new partnerships around in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and England, United Kingdom. If you would like to bring any of our brands to your local area, contact us to see how we can work together.

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We are always on the look out for great products that compliment our brands and the channels they occupy. If you believe you have a product that would suit any of the master brands under our management, please take a moment to familiarise yourself with our process below and we would be glad to hear from you.

Supplier Process

Should you be interested in being a supplier to any of our brands, please send an enquiry to info@stgroup.net.au with a brief profile of your company and an introduction of your products and/or services. We will direct the enquiry to the respective brand managers, who will begin the initial correspondence.
A meeting will be organised, with the aim to better understand both businesses in a professional setting. A more detailed introduction laying out expectations and future opportunities will be discussed during this meeting.
All products and/or services will be reviewed after detailed testing organised by respective brand’s Operation Managers. A positive review will encompass critical checks relating to quality, competitive pricing, integrity and after-sales follow up. We will also do an initial Supplier’s Evaluation Form at this stage.
Once the review has been completed and the opportunity viable. A Supplier’s Agreement will be drawn out by the brand manager, any queries or disputes can be discussed at this stage before the execution of final signatories.

It’s also good to take a moment to look over our handy checklist, which will help you to provide meaningful detail to your proposal

- Who are the target customer(s) for the products being offered?
- What consumer testing has been undertaken in Australia?
- What information on Australian Market Trends and Insights do you have to support the relevance of the product in our local market?
- What are the products main point of difference from other products in the category?
- Are the products currently ranged anywhere in Australia? If not, what is the launch plan into the Australian market?
- What would be the proposed ST Group launch plan? Please include details of any marketing and advertising support that would be offered.
- What is your promotional strategy?
- What is the list cost?
- What is the RRP?
- Are there any proposed discounts?
- What is the forecasted selling rate and UPSPD? (Units Per Store Per Day)
- What is the proposed distribution method to stores?
- Do the labels meet Australian standards?
- What is the shelf life of the products?

Suppliers FAQs

At the heart of our group lies the essence of ‘absolute growth’. For companies/organisations looking to supply into our network, they must satisfy a selection criteria that ensure they to contribute to the overall growth of the brand the supply into.
Each brand has it’s own set of conditions which have been designed to protect the interest of the business, the franchisee and of course, yourself as the supplier. For more information on these conditions, please contact us.

Each brand has it’s own set of conditions which have been designed to protect the interest of the business, the franchisee and of course, yourself as the supplier
For more information on these conditions, please contact us.


We believe great power comes with great responsibility. Therefore we always support our community. If you have any ideas in marketing or seeking sponsorship, feel free to drop us an email, and we see how we can help!