Make Your Mark

Be your own boss and choose from a range of franchise brands under our care. ST GROUP brings over two decades of industry experience combined with powerful networks and rich resources designed to drive growth and success. Supported by senior members of the group, current franchisees understand our commitment and willingness to see their business achieve levels of success otherwise unattainable through other models. Take a moment to look through the simple stages and FAQs to understand the process and benefits of owning a franchise.

Signed, Sealed & Ready-To-Go

Every brand is unique and every site is different and each franchisee is considered an individual. Our five steps have been created to guide you, the franchisee, from start through to finish and the grand opening of your store.

Step 1

Account Development

Step 2

Securing of Site

Step 3

Store Fit-out

Step 4

Staffing & Training

Step 5

Store Opening

Achieve Absolute Growth, Now